“Creating high capacity residential networks with great speeds and coverage”

network solutions

The primary milestone of any intelligent home is a capable and reliable network. Maintaining good connectivity between all devices is paramount. A device that keeps dropping off the network can brand an entire system useless when the problem really just lies with the network it is connected to.

The more sophisticated your tech products become the better your internal network needs to be. This internal ‘connectivity’ dictates how efficiently devices access the World Wide Web, and therefore directly effects your Internet speeds throughout your home.

There are some great domestic products available if you know what to use. Network access points (not repeaters!) will provide perfect roaming though out your home, taking care of all those dead spots. Investing in business grade routers, switches and Wi-Fi access points is the perfect place to start when preparing your home for the next generation of ‘Smart’.

  • We have been designing, installing and managing home network solutions for our clients for many years
  • We design and install bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Skilled at designing and installing networks with practical solutions for many different home technology systems
  • We pride ourselves on excellent after-sales service with simple transparent pricing
  • Wireless Access Points

    Placement of Access Points is critical. Viewing Wi-Fi-Heat-Maps ensures the best coverage possible.

  • Networking Infrastructure

    Networking Data Switches provide reliable connectivity of hardware. If it can be wired it should be wired.

  • Data Rack & Switches

    Centralising all your networking equipment is the first step to creating a maintenance friendly smart home

  • CCTV - IP Camaras & NVRs

    Monitor your property at home or away. Network Video Recorder will archive camera footage for instant playback via your Phone or PC

  • Remote Access

    Connectivity to your whole house system or individual sub systems provides control from anywhere.

  • Maintenance & Support

    The most important aspect of any project is providing a high level of 'aftersales' support. Remotely checking all functionality periodically

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