"Trained and approved by leading home technology manufacturers, Vantage Lighting and Savant, we confidently recommend products and methods set for the future."


Centralised equipment

All of your electronics - out of site.
Hidden in a dedicated place.

Simplified Control

Control everything across your home
using a one single, sophisticated App.

Digital Media Storage

Access your TV shows,
Movies and Music anywhere.

Environmental Control

Lighting, temperature and window
treatments adjusted with ease.

Remote Access

Check and change the status
of your home from anywhere.

Bespoke systems

Designed perfectly to your needs.

” There is nothing more pleasant than working with professionals such as yourselves. ”

Mike Stroh: Trio Designs

residential, corporate & commercial


Automation is the process of combining products and systems you already have and use everyday, and making them work together more efficiently and conveniently.

Undertaken to a high and professional standard, a personalised system will enhance your way of life, provide comfort, save you money and improve your efficiency.

Start small by automating just your family room or home theatre. Or go big with whole-home automation.

We’ll help you create a home that is uniquely yours; because our systems are custom built to suit the way you live.


Initially installing a minimal system into every apartment of this most prestigious new build project, to include an entry system, alarm controls and environmental control (HVAC), it rapidly expanded into many different sized elaborate projects as each unit sold.

From the penthouses all the way to ground automation was on the menu. With motion sensing lighting control, whole home Audio Visual distribution and motorized shades, these apartments are what automation is all about.

Client or Developer Reference :
Available on request.

Raising the bar in home automation with a new level of functionality and elegance that will enhance the way you listen to music and control your home.

Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible. Whether it's hi-fi, home theatre or custom installation, the audio performance of any Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker is best in class.


Our boardroom systems provide seamless connectivity and enable presenters to share information effectively with meeting attendees both near and far.

All the Audio-Visual sources are routed through a digital matrix processor that provides switching to and from conference systems, audio amplifiers and multiple display screens.

We pride ourselves on creating innovative systems, providing hands free audio conferencing (VoIP) and video conferencing incorporating echo cancellation with system wide integration.

Highly reliable and simple to operate control is at the core of our systems with intuitive and simple to use graphic user interfaces.

Large Conference Room :
Large dual screens display HD Video. Video and Audio Conferencing is routed through speakers and ceiling microphones

Small Conference Room :
An 80” Smart Touch TV lets the user create, share and interact with digital content in amazing way.

Break Room :
Plays music through ceiling speakers while workers break for coffee and lunch or displays local TV or Laptop inputs on an 80’ HDTV.

Training Room :
A multi use room with movable desk and chairs has Auxiliary wall inputs, front and back for presentation to another 80” Smart touch screen, the perfect training tool.

IT Manager Reference:
Available on request.

The Savant product suite is perfect for commercial applications such as boardrooms, conference rooms, training facilities, long distance learning.

Interact, with any content with a finger or pen using a SMART Board Interactive Flat Panel with 4K resolution.

Get more done when everyone can see, share and annotate content from anywhere.

Audi Showroom

Our services include commercial grade installations, in shops showrooms and hotel.

With both design and installation experience of large and small-scale commercial projects we can provide great solutions for your company.

We offer a design and bid package service, which once put out to tender will ensure a fair price point for your project.

Audi Showroom

Working closely with the design and construction teams, all requirements were carefully planned and reviewed.

The final system comprised of multiple display screens presenting Audi’s online web channel, pod casts and other downloaded demonstration video playlists.

Music was output throughout the showroom via ceiling speakers providing a seamless audio coverage throughout, internet radio being the preferred source.

Simple controlled was provided using a conveniently located in-wall touch screen keypad.

Digital content was ‘pushed’ from the sales desktop PC located at their main desk.

URC’s total control is a low cost app based control system. That simplifies the complexities of any Audio Visual Automation System

Ubiquiti is a powerful, enterprise wireless hardware/software network solution.
Streaming music, photos, and videos to all your computers and devices does not have to be as challenging as you’d think.

Lutron’s vast product line encompasses all the major needs of todays intelligent lighting systems, which pairs perfectly, with their extensive range of motorised window treatment

consult - design - create

  • Discovery : Discuss and assess your needs and requirements.
  • System Design : Detailed configuration reports are produced for final pricing & review.
  • Engineering : Create technical solutions to not only meet client needs, but also ensure reliability and ease of use.
  • Planning : Extensive project drawings, wiring schematics and site schedules are created and issued.
  • Installation : We undertake all our work to the highest of standards. Experts at: Wall-mounting, AV Rack Wiring, Lighting Systems Programming and Home Networks.
  • Service & Support : After sales support is the most important part of our project. We pride ourselves on providing the best support possible. Regular maintenance is paramount to keeping our systems running perfectly.
  • When our client is enjoying every aspect of their system, all engineering documentation is updated and presented with programming source code, to ensure that the investment made is protected and can be serviced with accuracy and diligence.

meet, discuss, compare