“A Scene For Every Mood”


Turn lights off in empty rooms.
Press the ALL OFF button as you leave the house.


Choose the Best Fittings and Lamps.
Dim levels down when setting scenes.


Lights on at sunset and off at dawn.
A ‘Wake Up’ button and a button for ‘Evening’.


Log in to your system remotely.
Global Control.

Create Your Own Elaborate Scenes in Seconds

From simply dimming to creating whole project lighting that transforms your décor.

The correct lighting plan for your property comes very high on our list of priorities. Aside from the aesthetic values, a well thought out lighting plan can dramatically improve the look a feel of your décor.

Working closely with architects and interior designers ensures everyone is working towards the same goal, producing the best results.

Typically each group of lights is powered directly from the lighting control panel, no switches or dimmers are required per room which saves the need for large rows of nameles switches. Instead, small low voltage keypads are situated in convenient positions, they send commands back to the lighting panel telling multiple circuits to come on at preset levels or scenes.

key facts

Lighting Control

intelligent lighting




the benefits

Energy savings


Light Sources

fixture selection

Lighting Control, Intelligent lighting

Lighting Control allows individuals to adjust light levels for specific entertainment options, enhance ambiance, set a mood, and take advantage of daylight to reduce energy.

  • Designer Keypads replace multiple conventional light switches
  • Remote Operation
  • Light sources use less energy when dimmed
  • Timed events
  • Motion triggering/ auto off
  • Can contribute to ecofriendly certification such as LEED NC v4
  • Allows for whole house or room-specific user preset Scenes

L.E.D, Advantages

LEDs offer the potential for cutting general lighting energy use nearly in half by 2030, saving energy costs and carbon emissions in the process.

  • Long-lasting - LED bulbs last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents, and far longer than typical incandescent.
  • Durable - LEDs do not have a filament so they are not as easily damaged. They are solid and hold up well to jarring and bumping.
  • Cool – LED lamps do not cause heat build-up; helping to reduce air conditioning costs in the home.
  • Mercury-free - no mercury is used in the manufacturing of LEDs.
  • Cost-effective - LEDs are initially expensive, but the cost is recouped over time when compared to shorter life alternatives.
  • Hard to Reach Places – When a fixture or area is inaccessible it is advantageous to use LED reducing maintenance costs.

Dimming the benefits

While there are many ways to reduce energy use, most involve sacrificing something. Few actually enrich the quality of your living and working environments like lighting dimmers.

  • Increases the life span of lamps
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves surrounding ambience
  • Increases comfort
  • Sets light levels to suit the current use of an area

Energy Savings, Techniques

  • Dimmable lighting circuits will reduce your overall energy consumption
  • Changing from incandesant to LED or CFL
  • Occupancy sensors can be programed to turn off if the room has become unoccupied or turn on if triggered, or both
  • Timers can turn off groups of lights as the sun rises, turn on specific lights when it’s dark. Alternatively they can adjust the on level depending on the time of the evening or early hours

Light Sources, Fixture Selection

Selecting lighting fixtures can be an involved process. Here are some things you should consider

  • Tasks to be performed in the space
  • Desired light levels
  • Room size and dimensions
  • Room and object surface colours and reflectances
  • Assessment of normal operating conditions
  • Availability of daylight

consult - design - create

  • Discovery : Discuss and assess your needs and requirements.
  • System Design : Detailed configuration reports are produced for final pricing & review.
  • Engineering : Create technical solutions to not only meet client needs, but also ensure reliability and ease of use.
  • Planning : Extensive project drawings, wiring schematics and site schedules are created and issued.
  • Installation : We undertake all our work to the highest of standards. Experts at: Wall-mounting, AV Rack Wiring, Lighting Systems Programming and Home Networks.
  • Service & Support : After sales support is the most important part of our project. We pride ourselves on providing the best support possible. Regular maintenance is paramount to keeping our systems running perfectly.
  • When our client is enjoying every aspect of their system, all engineering documentation is updated and presented with programming source code, to ensure that the investment made is protected and can be serviced with accuracy and diligence.

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